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 Eclisped media Offical Forum Rules!

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Eclisped Media Staff
Eclisped Media Staff

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PostSubject: Eclisped media Offical Forum Rules!   Mon Mar 30, 2009 2:03 pm

Hello and welcome to the offical Eclisped media Forums, I am EMxOffan, founding designer of the forums. I have some rules that i would like all users to follow, as long as you bide by these rules then your account will be in safe hands. Smile


1. [No Flame Wars]
<This means basicly don't start any silly arguements over anything that isn't a big deal, such as "omfg ps3 is better than xbox!!one1!!1!eleven!1".
nobody cares what you have to say if thats the way you want to start debating here.>

2. [No Racial Abuse]
<Never abuse anyone racisly..theese means don't call anyone by a racial slur such as "Nigger" or "Paki". You will be banned if you are warned more than twice. You may use theese slurs in humourous context e.g "Yo offan ma nig whats up!?">

3. [Don't ask to be a Mod/EM Staff]
<This will only lower your chance of being a mod or Em staff, Mods and admins are specificly chosen by us, and only asking will lower your chance.>

4. [Stay on Topic]
<Please stay on topic when posting here, basicly don't go asking for a clan match in the Video Editing Help forum. Always check where you need to post before starting a thread / post.>

5. [No Spamming]
<Don't spam the forums, you will be warned twice for spamming, if you continue to do so, we will ban you're account.>

6. [Have fun]
<We want you to have the best time here on Eclipse media Forums, so please enjoy your time here as much as you can. If you are being harrased by ANYONE, then please contact an 'EMx' member through the forums Private messaging!>

Yours sinscerely.
[Eclisped Media Staff]
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Eclisped media Offical Forum Rules!
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